followed suit a year afterwards w/ the alphas

throwin’ in the complete photoset for good measure uvu

— pls full-view if possible — [x] [x] [x] [x]

"Geeks will inherit the earth."

[Homestucks sweating nervously in distance.]

[frustrated whir] mother let me get on my laptop I have things to do


best friends who slowly fall in love with each other is what otps are made of


ha ha ha :’I


ha ha ha :’I

Sometimes I think I’m emotionally okay then I remember the ending of The Talented Mr. Ripley


Haha dude…you are so cute bro. Want to be my bf? Bf means brofriend, so its like double the bro. Youre my best bro dude. I love you man. I really love you so much


thank you so much for requesting this dork :)

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